A little bit of history


The house belongs to the couple Axel and Irida VERMEERSCH-PANGO. They share it with young and dynamic professionals coming (for the most of them) from different european countries.


A law firm dedicated to all maters that concern expats, IPV law is established on the 1st floor of the house : www.ipvlaw.be


As the house is located only 750 m from the european institutions, most of the roommates are trainees in the european institutions. The people living in the house are aged between 23 and 28 years. The atmosphere in the house is, as you can imagine, international, open minded and relaxed.


The house was built in 1887 in flemish neo renaissance style.


It is believed to have been built by the Minister of the State Louis Betrand over the ruins of the country cottage of one of the most eminent members of the princely house of Croÿ, the Duke Charles de Croÿ Aerschot. The armorial bearings of the Duke Charles de Croÿ Aerschot are ingraved in a marble plate placed above a chimney.


















As surprising as it may seem, Louis Betrand (whose initials appear in the window of the ground floor) was the founder of the Belgian working Party and the newspaper the People of which he was the director. He was also a writer. A magnificent avenue in Bruxelles located only 800 m from the house carries his name.






















A few years after it was built the house was inhabited by the Mothers Superior belonging to the order of holy Mary of wisdom.


In the late fifties the movie The Nun's Story, in which Audrey Hepburn played the main role, was made in this house. The movie was a critical and box office success and Audrey Hepburn received her third academy award nomination. If you watch the movie you will recognise Audrey Hepburn entering the house.